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Part II of Bridge Partnership Concludes

On Friday evening, August 3, 2012, the second group of New Bedford public middle school students completed a two week academic program at BSU and they posed (above) with their BSU student mentors. A host of dignitaries were on hand for the graduation ceremony, including BSU President Dana Mohler-Faria and Executive Vice President Fred Clark.

Dr. Edward Minnock Remembered

Ceremonies were held at BSU on August 2, 2012, to remember Dr. Edward Minnock, vice president for external affairs from 2002 to 2011, on the anniversary of his passing one year ago.

BSU's Center for Global Studies (above) is named in his honor.

In the year 1889 . . .

The photo above is interesting because it shows the members of the senior class in 1889, posed in front of the original building (consrtucted 1846, enlarged several times after that) just a few years before it was demolished.

In 1891, the old building was removed and a handsome new red brick structure was erected. That new building (both buildings were called simply "Normal School") was utilmately destoyed in a fire in 1926, leading to the construction of present-day Boyden Hall.

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

We have no actual photograph of Nancy Blackington -- nor any drawing or sketch drawn from real-life either (the above image is purely imaginative) -- but she is an important figure in the history of Bridgewater State University because 165 years ago, Ms. Blackington was on the faculty at what was then Bridgewater State Normal School. She was, in fact, the first woman to serve as a teacher at the school -- from March, 1847 to December, 1847.

At present , we know very little beyond that.

Nicholas Tillinghast, the school's first principal (1840 to 1853), selected her.

Mr. Tillinghast taught alone in the basement of the local town hall for the first several sessions of the college's existence; his first assistant teacher, Thomas Rainsford, came on in March, 1841, but remained only three months. Several others followed him, all for brief periods of time.

By the spring of 1847 -- when Miss Blackington was hired -- the faculty, including Mr. Tillinghast, had expanded to four people and the school had its first permanent home.

By the time that Miss Blackington was appointed to the faculty, she would be one of three assistant teachers.

Serving with her at the same time were Joshua Kendall (he would stay until March, 1848) and Christopher Green (who had already served a year at Bridgewater but would leave in June, 1847). Another woman would not join the faculty until November of 1853, when Mrs. Sarah Wyman was appointed (she remained until February, 1854). A native of Wrentham, Miss Blackington taught, according to the Alumni Record of 1871, for a total of five years.

She married Freeman A. Smith (we don't know when) and she died in Malden in 1861.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Fifty-two years ago this coming fall, football returned to Bridgewater State University after a long hiatus (33 years). The above material has been assembled by Ms. Ellen Dubinsky of the Maxwell Library staff as part of a visiual gallery she has created to chronicle that development.

If you would like to see the whole program -- plus many others of historical interest -- please click here.

The Bridge Partnership

Mr. Mark Conrad, left, assistant to the vice president of external affairs, meets BSU Police Chief David Tillinghast at event where the campus police hosted for dinner 80 students from the Roosevelt Middle School in New Bedford.

Mr. Conrad is coordinating the project which brought the students to BSU for two weeks to engage in a variety of academic activities.

"The Bridge Partnership" is sponsored by the university in cooperation with the city of New Bedford. The first group arrived on July 8 and graduated on July 20. On Sunday, July 22, a second group of Roosevelt students arrived for two weeks (see earlier entry below for more information).

The Boston Globe published this editorial about BSU on Monday, July 16, 2012

In Memoriam

Dean Emerita Martha D. Jones, class of 1964 (photo above from the '64 yearbook), passed away on July 12th after a long illness.

Martha returned to her alma mater in 1966 as a faculty member and Division of Student Affairs administrator, a position she would hold until her retirement after 38 years of service. She was associate dean of students at the time of her retirement.

A former president of the Bridgewater State University Alumni Association, she remained active in the organization -- as well as the BSU Foundation -- until her passing.

A memorial service will be held on campus at 4:00 p.m. on August 15th.

In 2007, an interview with Dean Emerita Jones was published. To read the interview, please click here.

Dr. Edward Brush, Department of Chemical Sciences, teaches a couse in green chemistry to a group of students from the Roosevelt Middle School in New Bedford.

The students are at BSU for a 13-day academic enrichment program called "The Bridge."

The university's new greenhouse, located, as the original greenhouse (built 1911) was, beside Pope Hall and the science building.

This photograph was taken on July 9, 2012.

The Boston Globe carried this story on June 30, 2012, noting that the cost of attending Bridgewater State University in the fall of 2012 will rise to more than $18,000 for tuition, fees, board and room.

The article quotes Mr. Fred Clark, '83, executive vice president and vice president for external affairs.

The university held a dinner on July 1st for members of the Cape Verdean community and in the photo above Pedro Pires, former president of Cape Verde, and his wife pose with, from left, Mr. Fred Clark, '83, executive vice president and vice president for external affairs; (President and Mrs. Pires); President Dana Mohler-Faria and Mr. Miguel Gomes, vice president for administration and finance.

Work is continuing at an intense pace this summer on the $100 million dollar science and mathematics building, which opened last September.

The final construction on the front of the building -- Phase II -- is scheduled to be completed by the time classes open this fall.

This photo was take on July 1, 2012.

From May 28 to June 3, 2012, a group of students and a faculty advisor were at Bridgewater State University for a study tour focusing on "Massachusetts Politics and Elections." In the photo above, the group vists the State House in Boston where State Senator Marc Pacheco provided a detailed overview of government in Massachusetts.

The visit was organized by Dr. Michael Kryzanek, executive director, Center for International Engagement, and among those who met with the Macao group were Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville, former Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis, Patriot Ledger editor-in-chief Chazy Dowaliby, and FOX television anchor and news reporter Maria Stephanos.

In photo above, faculty members from Jiaotong University in Beijing, China, meet on June 25, 2012, with President Dana Mohler-Faria and BSU's Dr. Michael Kryzanek, executive director of the Center for Global Engagement and faculty members Dr. Wing-Kai To, department of History and coordiantor of BSU's Asian Studies Program, and Dr. Julia Stakhnevich, department of English.

The group is in Bridgewater for a month-long "2012 English Teacher Training Program" at BSU.

Seated in photograph are President Mohler-Faria and Professor Yang Ruodong, group leader. Kneeling is Ms. Hu Zhixian. Standing from left: Jia Tong University faculty members Ms. Zhao Dongmei, Ms. Zhou Zhijie, Ms. Li Jingping, Ms. Zuo Yingjuan, Ms. He Li, Ms. Li Yan, Mr. Wang Jianjun, Ms. Zhu Jing, Mr. Tian Yongfeng, Ms. Zhang Jiangun, Ms. Ma Li, Ms. Ai Wei, Ms. Xu Jie, Ms. Lin Yamping, Dr. To, Mr. Shu Guanghui, Dr. Kryzanek, Dr. Stakhnevich, and Ms. Zhao Xin.

On Wednesday, June 20, a team from the External Affairs Division at BSU traveled to New Bedford to spend a community service day working at "Gifts-to-Give," a non-profit agency that distributes clothing, shoes, school supplies and toys to 75,000 needy children annually. Above is a photo taken that day.

(First row): Mr. Harold Tavares, division of external affairs; “Gifts-to-Give” CEO Mr. James Steves; and Mr. Fred Clark, executive vice president and vice president of external relations;
Second row): Ms. Kelly Hess, staff assistant, division of external affairs; Ms. Mary Delgado, assistant to the vice president, division of external affairs; Ms. Kara Thurston, administrative assistant, center for international engagement; Ms. Jennifer Currie, staff assistant, center for international engagement; and Ms. Karen Huntington, assistant director, center for international engagement;
(Third row): Dr. Mary Fuller, director, continuing and distance education, division of external affairs; Ms. Grace Naumowicz, administrative assistant, continuing and distance education, division of external affairs; Ms. Lisa Doucette, staff associate, division of external affairs; Ms. Marion Manning, administrative assistant, division of external affairs; and Ms. Darlene Marks, associate director, continuing and distance education, division of external affairs;
(Fourth row): Dr. Roopa Rawjee, director, international student services, center for international engagement, division of external affairs; Ms. Lisa McAdam Donegan, director of study abroad, center for international engagement, division of external affairs; Dr. Michael Kryzanek, director of global studies and executive director, center for international engagement, division of external affairs; Ms. Kathie Manning, administrative assistant, regional outreach, center for international engagement; and Mr. Skip Darmody, associate director, continuing and distance education, division of external affairs.

To see a video of the event, please click here.

An Update on the Science Building

The fence separating the front of the new Science Building is now down. This photo was taken on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.

"Welcome to the Dorchester Day Parade" -- a photograph taken on Sunday, June 3, 2012, at the 108th annual event. To read more about Dorchester, please cick here.

You're invited to visit the section of this Web site which highlights books published by students at Bridgewater State University who have been enrolled in the course "Multimedia Applications for Public Relations," taught by David Wilson, '71, a member of the staff in the University Advancement division.

To visit the book section, please click here.

On Wednesday, June 6, 2012, this was what the former East Campus parking lot looked like. The parking lot on this side of the campus, and its adjoining lot on West Campus, are being removed to make way for a park with grass, benches and trees.

Also on Wednesday, June 6, the annual "Appreciation Day Luncheon" was held to honor the most recent retirees at Bridgewater State University, and in the photo above a number of those who attended are pictured.

Seated: Dr. and Mrs. George Weygand. Dr. Weygand, '53, '56, professor emeritus of physics, has been honored with the naming of the newest campus residence hall for him. Standing from left: Dr. Jeanne Aurelio, professor of management, who is retiring this year; Professor of Management Emerita Sylvia Keyes, who was celebrating her 80th birthday; Mrs. Caroline Meaney, '63; Professor of Management Emerita Dr. Dorothy Mulcahy; Professor of Management Emerita Mercer Fellouris; Professor of History Emeritus Dr. Philip Silvia; Mr. Scott McNeilly, former director of computer services; Mr. Ed Shonio, former head gardener; Dr. Edward J. Meaney,'63, Executive Vice President Emeritus; and Dr. Robert Ward, '63, professor of library science emeritus.

In another Appreciation Day Luncheon photo, Retiree Ms. Roberta Harris -- third from left -- is pictured with, from left, President Dana Mohler-Faria; Ms. Marie Murphy, '86, director of publications at BSU and Ms. Harris's supervisor; Ms. Harris; and, at right, Executive Vice President and Vice President for External Affairs Mr. Fred Clark, '83.

Ms. Harris worked in the university's office of public affairs and university relations for 27 years as a graphic designer.

More pictures to follow tomorrow.

The second annual Middle East International Conference took place at BSU on June 4th and 5th and at the opening session, Dr. Jabbar Al-Obaidi, professor of communication studies and conference coordinator, is seen above welcoming the 60 participants and speakers.

The focus of the conference was Women and the Middle East.

The two-day conference had participants from all over the world, including Algeria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Oman and Egypt.

To read the full text of a press release about the event, please click here.

Mr. Peter Engstrom, class of 1962, joined a number of his classmates on Saturday, June 2, 2012, for the 50th reunion of their graduation from Bridgewater. In the photo above he wears a beanie required of all freshmen students when they arrived in September, 1958, and he holds a memento from his days as a fraternity brother.

In the coming days we'll be adding more photos and stories about the 50th anniversary reunion of the class of '62 on this website.

In June, 1999, BSU held a celebration to honor the first decade of Adrian Tinsley's presidency and a booklet was published to record the event, held on the university quadrangle.

The 17-page booklet contains photos and speeches is available here.

Mr. Lovell Dyett, right in the photograph above, founder of the Hall of Black Achievement at Bridgewater State University, has passed away. The Boston Globe published several lengthy articles about his contributions to civil rights and promoting African-American culture in the city of Boston.

In the photo above, taken at the first annual HOBA celebration which was held in the Maxwell Library in February, 1988, he poses with Mr. Henry Hampton, famed documentary film producer ("Eyes on the Prize").

Mr. Hampton was the first recipient of the Mary Hudson Olney Award from Bridgewater, presented at the 1988 ceremony, and was also awarded an honorary degree from the university in 1989.

Mr. Dyett conceived the idea of HOBA and brought it in 1986 to Dr. Gerard T. Indelicato, then-BSU president. He had first met Dr. Indelicato in the early 1980's when Dr. Indelicato was serving as the special advisor for education to Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis.

Although Mr. Dyett -- who was a renowned radio personality for WBZ-Boston for three decades -- could have chosen any one of a number of instituitons in Boston, he chose Bridgewater, a predominantly white institution, because he felt black history needed to be celebrated among people of all colors, races and backgrounds.

Subsequently Mr.Dyett served as a visiting lecturer at Bridgewater in the Department of Communication Studies.

97 Years ago last month -- May 30, 1915, to be precise -- Albert Gardner Boyden passed away at the age of 88.

Certainly one of the most remarkable people ever associated with this university, he had come to Bridgewater in 1847 and graduated in 1849. He met his wife here, Isabella Whitten Clarke, who also graduated in 1849 (they became the parents of Arthur Clarke Boyden, class of 1871, who would succeed his father as president).

In 1850 Nicholas Tillinghast invited Albert back to the campus to teach and he remained until 1853. He returned for good in 1857 and in 1860, at the age of thirty-three, he was appointed principal. He would remain in that position for 46 years, stepping down in 1906 to become a member of the faculty until his death.

Inside Boyden Hal there is a plaque dedicated to father and son (and could well have applied to Mrs. Boyden as well) and it reads: "They Gave Their Hearts, Their Minds and Their Lives to this School."

On Thursday afternoon, May 24th,, under beautiful sunshine, the annual Ice Cream Social hosted by President Mohler-Faria took place behind the Campus Center.

The event is held at the close of each academic year. The president and members of the president's cabinet act as ice cream servers for the faculty and staff as a way to say "thank you" for another good year at BSU.

Back in the spring of 1984, Mr. Lou Perry, left in photo, director of planning at BSU, constructed a time capsule for the deposit of items of BSU interest to be opened at some future date. At right is Mr. Peter Hartel, '75, then an administrator in the Office of Student Affairs.

The occasion was to celebrate the completion of a two-year project to completely renovate Boyden Hall.

For years it was thought the time capsule had been lost -- no one seemed to know what happened to it.

However, this spring Mr. Orson Kingsley, assistant librian at BSU in charge of the university archives and special collections, discovered the time capsule in the Maxwell Library, and so the mystery has now been solved.

Plans have not yet been confirmed as to when, how or where the '84 time capsule will be opened.

In photo taken on Monday, May 14th, in the garden area beside Boyden Hall, BSU President Dana Mohler-Faria presents Consul General of Japan in Boston Takeshi Hikihara with what Dr. Mohler-Faria called “a symbol of this event and our relationship. The inscription reads, ‘In gratitude for your visit to Bridgewater State University to celebrate the Japan-US Cherry Blossom centennial.’ “

Moments later, Dr. Mohler-Faria and Consul General Hikihara joined Dr. Michael J. Kryzanek, BSU’s Director of Global Studies and Executive Director of International Engagement; Mr. Frederick Clark, BSU’s Executive Vice President and Vice President for External Affairs; and Mrs. Hammi Hikihara to plant a cherry blossom tree.

The entrance to the parking lots on both East Campus and West Campus are now closed and construction has started on making a park of grass, trees and benches that will extend all the way over to East campus.

Progress on the summer-long project will be recorded on these pages, so come back frequently!

The tradition is long gone now, but in 1956 students and graduating seniors closed each Commencement ceremony -- as generations before them had done -- by planting sprigs of ivy around the base of Boyden Hall..

Graduation day 2012 saw 1,100 degrees awarded on Saturday, May 12th.

For a video about the ceremony produced by the region's largest daily newspaper, The Enterprise please click here.

Dr. Thomas Turner, Professor of History Emeritus,
spoke earlier this month to the Emeriti Faculty about his forthcoming
history of Bridgewater State University -- the first complete
history of the institution since 1919.

To see the video of his lecture,please click here.

Dr. Martina Arndt, chairwoman, Department of Physics,
addresses guests on May 1st at the dedication of a time capsule
which will be inserted into astronomy observatory in BSU's
new science building. Other speakers included President
Mohler-Faria, Provost Howard London, Vice President Mike
Gomes and Associate Vice President Karen Jason.

Saturday evening, April 28, was the annual Alumni Awards ceremony and in
the photo above, we see Mr.James Argir, '61, receive the
2012 "Dr. George A. Weygand Award for Outstanding Service to the
Bridgewater Alumni Association" from Ms. Annmarie Greco Tierno,'92,
president of the association.

Mr. Argir has been a Bridgewater Alumni Association Board member,
Alumni Football Council member, and a former Bridgewater Foundation Trustee.

You can see Mr. Argir's presentation on video by clicking here.

Mr. John Harper, center, director of athletics and
recreation, is the 2012 recipient of the "Martha D. Jones
Award for Exceptional Dedication to Students." At left is
Mr. William Walker, '72, who introduced Mr. Harper at the
ceremony and at right is Mrs. Martha Jones, '64, for whom
the award is named.

We're also pleased to share with you two video clips from that
ceremony (more clips to come in the days ahead).

In the first video below, Dr. Philip Conroy, '72, president of
Vermont Technical College, receives the 2012 "Nicholas P.
Tillinghast Award for Achievement in Education."

To see the video, click on the arrow at left and, then,
to enlarge the video to full screen, click on the butterfly
symbol at right (just before the word "Vimeo").

In the second video, Director of Athletics and Recreation John Harper
receives the 2012 "Martha D. Jones Award for Outstanding Dedication
to Students."

To see the video, click on the arrow at left and, then,
to enlarge the video to full screen, click on the butterfly
symbol at right (just before the word "Vimeo").

Dr. Gregory Chaplin of the Department of English is the 2012
recipient of the Lifetime Faculty Research Award at Bridgewater
State University. Here he poses with, left, Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria,
president, and, at right, Dr. Howard London, provost, and Dr.
Anna Bradfield, dean, college of education and allied studies.

The award was presented in April at the annual "Awards for
Academic Excellence" ceremony.

Ground was broken on April 10, 2012, for the construction of the
new "George A. Weygand Residence Hall" and in the photo
above Dr. Weygand and his wife Bea pose with President Dana
Mohler-Faria and Trustee Chairman Lou Ricciardi plus members
of the Weygand family. To see more photos please click here.

Dr. Weygand,a graduate of the class of 1953
who earned a master's degree in 1956, and was a
professor of physics at BSU for 41 years,
was also the university marshal for 39 years.

The new 500-bed residence hall bearing his name will
open in 2013.

To read an interview with Dr. Weygand, please click here.

How about a course with 160,000 students in it?
Last fall, Stanford University had such a course. Is this
the future of higher education in Amerca? To read more, please
click here.

Dr. Robert Daniel, professor of art emeritus, and
his wife Catherine appear in the photograph above taken
at a university reception in 2009. Several years ago
we interviewed Dr. Daniel and you can read his
interview by clicking here.

Lee Harrington

Harrington Hall at Bridgewater State University is named
for Lee F. Harrington, former academic dean and beloved
professor of mathematics. His wife Margery recalls her life
with Lee in this interview, which can be read here.

"Laura, Do You Remember?"

Take a walk with Avis Kemp, class of 1905, in this poignant
letter to her classmate Laura. You'll enjoy the journey.

To read the letter, please click here.

The Class of 1961 -- Memories

Nancy (Hart) Flynn and Peter Flynn in June, 2011,at
the luncheon hosted in honor of the class of 1961's
50th anniversary.

To read memories shared by classmates at the reunion last June,
please click here.

The Class of 1957

In September, 1953, the Korean Armistisce had been signed;
Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president of the United States;
The Boston Braves announced the team was moving to
Milwaukee; and the Class of '57 entered Bridgewater State
Teachers College (tuition, fees and board and room: less than
$1,000 a year).

What did average goods and major purchases cost back in 1957?
Here's a look:

Gallon of milk $1.00
Loaf of bread .19
Dozen eggs .82
Postage stamp .03
Gallon of gas .24
New home $20,000

Some memories of that class may be found

Also inside: 143 Years of Residence Life at BSU

In 1895, the orignal Tillinghast Hall (right) and the original Woodward Hall --
both of which were destroyed in the 1924 fire -- sit on the university

Back in 1897, a group of male BSU students posed for a photograph. When
the first residence hall opened in 1869, there was space only
for 54 women. An expansion in 1873 allowed for male housing as well.

You're invited to learn more by clicking here.

Former State Representative David Flynn, class of'58,
served this region, this university and this state with
great distinction for half a century in government service.
Read a profile of him here.

Dr. Thomas Turner, professor emeritus of history, is the author of a forthcoming
major book on the history of Bridgewater State University. To read
an article about Dr. Turner from The University Year: 2010-2011, please click here.

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Bridgewater enjoyed a long-standing exchange relatiolnship
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visiting BSU in 1986. To read about the exchange, please click

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Tim visits the site of the former Berlin Wall in January, 1999

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